Peter Gallagher – Dublin

Peter Gallagher was 24 years old when he went missing from his home in Donaghmede, Dublin during the early hours of the 6th July 2003. Despite numerous appeals for information by Gardaí, no trace of Peter has been found in the 17 years since he disappeared.

Peter had been celebrating at a family christening before he returned to his home in the Newgrove Estate in Donaghmede. Following an argument with his father, he left the house and has not been since.

Peter did not have his passport with him so it is not believed that he left the country. His bank accounts have also not been used.

Peter’s disappearance was featured on Crimecall in 2015 and again in 2019, when his mother and sister appeared on the show to appear for information. Despite this, Gardaí are no closer to resolving Peter’s disappearance.

Anyone with information can contact Gardaí at Coolock Garda Station on (01) 666 4200.

Marie Kilmartin – Laois

Marie Kilmartin disappeared from Portlaoise in December of 1993. There are conflicting reports regarding the exact date of her disappearance, with different sources listing the 15th, 16th or 17th December. She was missing for 6 months before her body was found in a bog on the Laois/Offaly border. She had been strangled. Although Gardaí have made a number of arrests, her killer has still not been charged.

Marie was originally from Balinasloe, Co. Galway but was living in Beladd on the Stradbally Road in Portlaoise. When she was about 20 years old, she gave birth to a daughter who was adopted by Marie’s family members. Her daughter, Áine, was 13 when Marie disappeared but did not discover she was adopted until she was 20. She even attended Marie’s funeral after her mother’s body was discovered, but remained unaware of her true relationship to Marie until years later.

Marie worked in a nearby old people’s home and, on the day of her disappearance, she had attended a Christmas Party at the home. She returned to her own home after the party and had plans to meet a friend around 6pm that evening. When the friend came to Marie’s house that evening she saw Marie’s shopping on a chair on the kitchen but Marie was not at home.

Neighbours reported that Marie had been very upset after speaking to someone on the phone on the day before she disappeared. Following investigations, Gardaí confirmed that the call was made to Marie around 4.3opm from a public phone box on the Dublin Road in Portlaoise. The call lasted about 2 and a half minutes. No other calls were made from the phone box for 20 minutes before and 10 minutes after the call to Marie.

Marie’s number was ex-directory which leads Gardaí to believe she knew the caller. A witness who was in the area at the time remembered seeing a man in the phone box who she described as 5’8″ tall and about 30 years old. Despite numerous appeals, this man has never come forward and has never been identified.

No trace of Marie was found for many months until a prison officer who was cutting turf happened upon her body. It was extremely lucky that Marie’s body was found as her body was weighed down by a six inch concrete block on her chest, and a pram and parts of a gas heater were also used to conceal her body. Water levels in the bog had recently dropped, allowing her body to be discovered. She was fully dressed in the clothing she had been wearing at the Christmas party on the day she disappeared.

A postmortem revealed she had been strangled and there was no evidence of sexual assault.

Two men were questioned in June, 1994 but were released without charge. In 2008, Gardaí arrested two men and a woman, aged in their 40s and 60s, in connection with Marie’s murder. They were questioned for 24 hours each before being released without charge.

In August 2019, at the Central Criminal Court, a detective made an application to transfer six interviews Gardaí conducted with the chief suspect in the case from VCR to DVD. The application was approved.

It is now expected that Marie’s murder will be investigated by the Gardaí’s serious crime review team.

Anybody with any information relating to the disappearance and murder of Marie Kilmartin is asked to contact Portlaoise Gardaí at 057-8674100 or Crimestoppers on 1800-250025.

Dean Roche – Kilkenny

Dean Roche (31) has been missing from Kilkenny, Ireland since the 22nd March 2015. Although his friends and family have searched tirelessly for Dean since he disappeared, they are no closer to finding him.

The victim

Dean was 31 when he disappeared. He was the middle child in a family of 3 brothers and was also the father of a son, Jamie. Dean was a known heroin addict and also had convictions for petty crime. When last seen he was wearing a black zip up tracksuit top and bottoms with white runners. Dean has been described as being 5’ 8’’ tall, of slight build, with green eyes and short brown hair. Sadly, Dean’s Mum has passed away since Dean disappeared having never learned what happened to her son.

The disappearance

Around 7pm on that evening of 22nd March, Dean left the home he shared with his Mum in Hebron Park and travelled by taxi to nearby Ballyfoyle to purchase a car. The journey should have taken about 15 minutes at most and Dean told his Mum that he’d be back in 30 minutes.

He purchased the car from a private seller for €200, although his Mum believed he may have had up to €900 in cash on him. The car was later found crashed half a mile from where he bought it. Dean reportedly spoke to a number of locals in the area following the crash but there is conflicting information regarding the time of his last sighting. According to the official Gardaí website: ‘Witnesses in Newpark, Ballyfoyle area describe seeing Dean at 9pm that evening. That is the last confirmed sighting of Dean … his last known sighting was at approximately 9.15pm when he left through the side of a house which led into a nearby field.’

However it has also been reported that around 8.15pm Dean approached a house in the area and spoke to the woman who lived there. She stated that he was disorientated and distressed and told her he needed help. She entered the house to get a phone to call for help but when she returned Dean had gone. She then saw a silver car speed past her gate and someone shouting ‘Get in the fucking car’ before the car sped off again.

Extensive searches have been conducted in the area by the Gardaí, including by the dog and water rescue units, and the Army. The Garda website states that a hat which possibly belonged to Dean was found. A pair of runners were also found but no trace of Dean’s DNA was found on these. Gardaí have stated that they believe Dean’s body is no longer in the area. Dean’s phone and bank accounts have not been used since his disappearance.

Ballyfoyle is on the outskirts of Kilkenny. It is a rural area consisting mainly of farms and some woodland. There are some quarries in the surrounding areas but there are none near the area from which Dean disappeared. On the date Dean went missing sunset was at 6.45pm so it would have been dark by the time he purchased the car. The weather was dry and clear.


As stated above, Dean had struggled with heroin. He successfully purchased the car as planned but apparently crashed it almost immediately. While Dean purchased the car for €200 it was believed he had as much as €900 in cash on him. Why was he carrying so much cash? Did he plan to meet someone after buying the car with the intention of purchasing drugs or maybe to clear a debt he owed? That could explain the silver car that a resident of the area saw and heard.

What caused him to crash the car so soon? I’ve often wondered if Dean was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash or if it was just an unfortunate accident. I also wonder did he hit his head in the crash which caused him to become disorientated. This could have caused him to wander off and succumb to the elements. However this seems unlikely since Gardaí have indicated that they don’t believe Dean is still in the area.

Let’s also ignore the drug angle for a second and give Dean the benefit of the doubt. Could he have encountered the driver of the silver car earlier in the evening? Maybe they were involved in the car accident somehow and came after Dean in a fit of road rage.

Regardless of what happened, Dean’s family have now spent over 4 years searching for answers and are no closer to finding out where Dean is.

Anyone with any information relating to Dean is asked to contact Kilkenny Garda Station on 056 7775000, The Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.

Conor and Sheila Dwyer

Conor and Sheila Dwyer have been missing from Fermoy, Co. Cork since 1991. In the 28 years that have passed since, no trace of the missing couple has been found.

The Dwyers lived and worked in Fermoy. Conor worked as a plumber, handyman and part-time hackney driver while Sheila was a homemaker. At the time of his disappearance Conor was working as a chauffeur for German millionaire businessman Fritz Wolf who was holidaying in Castlelyons, 10 minutes from Fermoy. They had two sons who were living in England at the time of their disappearance. After years of making ends meet the couple were looking forward to starting retired life.

When they disappeared Conor was 63. He was described as 5ft 8in in height, weighing 11 stone and had dark hair, parted to the right. When last seen he was wearing dark rimmed glasses, a checked sports jacket and a navy trench coat. Sheila Dwyer was 61. She was described as 5ft 4in with fair hair. She was last seen wearing light woollen coat with white leather walking shoes.

The couple were last seen attending a funeral in St Patrick’s Church, Fermoy on the morning of 30th April 1991. The church was located only 100m from their home on Chapel Hill. Sheila spoke to her sister on the phone the following day and, when her sister could not get in touch with her again, she went to the couple’s house. When she couldn’t gain access she raised the alarm to Gardaí. Some sources state that this report was made on May 19 or May 22.

When Gardaí accessed the house they found nothing amiss. All of the couple’s personal belongings, including clothes and passports, were found in the house. £1000 (about €2100) was also found in a biscuit tin in the house. The only things missing were the couple and their car, a white Toyota Cressida with the registration plate 5797 ZT. While there were many reported sightings of the couple, their bank accounts were never accessed

A similar model to the couple’s Toyota Cressida

The River Blackwater runs through Fermoy and Gardaí completed exhaustive searches of the water, as well as of the surrounding countryside, but no trace of the couple or their car have been found. They also alerted Interpol and checked ferry records for the relevant time period in case the couple had travelled to England to visit their sons. However no car matching the couple’s Toyota Cressida or its registration plate was seen leaving Ireland.


There have been a number of reported sightings of the couple from Ireland and abroad but Gardaí have been able to substantiate any of these.

A local lady thought she saw the Dwyers stopped at traffic lights in Fermoy soon after their disappearance. There have also been sightings in Waterford and Dublin.

After seeing the case featured on Crimecall in 1993, Mary O’Dowd realised she may have seen the couple in Lourdes Airport in June 1991. Ms O’Dowd was unaware of the disappearance at the time but remembered the couple as the male seemed suspicious. Speaking to the Irish Independent, Ms O’Dowd said: ‘A garda and the missing lady’s sister came to speak to me and asked about the clothing the people I saw had on. I told them and it turned out these were the items of clothing missing from the house in Fermoy.’

Another possible sighting was reported in Munich in 1993. This was of particular interest to Gardaí as Conor Dwyer had been working for German businessman, Fritz Wolf, at the time of his disappearance. However both Bavarian police and Interpol were unable to confirm the sighting. All sources state that Conor was working for Fritz Wolf at the time of his disappearance. I’ve always wondering if this meant that he was actively employed by Fritz Wolf, or if that was his last employment. If he was actively working for Mr Wolf at the time of his disappearance, why did his employer not raise the alarm?

In 2000, new intelligence led Gardaí to search a lime quarry at Aherla, about 45 minutes from Fermoy, but yet again no trace of the couple was found.


Rumours began to spread quickly about Conor Dwyer following the disappearance.

It isn’t stated in any official source but there are rumours that Conor disappeared for a number of years in the 1980s. There is little information on this disappearance, beyond the fact that he disappeared. It is unknown how long he disappeared for, what the circumstances were and why or when he returned.

After the couple disappeared there was a rumour that the case was in fact a murder/suicide or a suicide pact. If Conor’s previous disappearance was a result of a depressive episode, this way be the basis for this rumour.

There were also rumours that Conor had become involved in a drug-running business. Gardaí have never publicly named or suspects or given details of any possible theories or motives behind the disappearance.

William Fennessy disappearance

William (Billy) Fennessy, also disappeared from Fermoy almost exactly a year before the Dwyers disappeared. He was of similar age to the Dwyers and his car was also missing. Many wondered if there was a link between the two disappearances but sadly Fennessy’s body and car were recovered from the River Blackwater in 2012.


The most difficult part of this case is that nobody knows for sure when Conor and Sheila disappeared. Sheila last spoke to her sister on the 1st May and the alarm was raised about 3 weeks later. By all account Sheila and her sister spoke regularly but it’s unclear how much time passed between that last call and when Sheila’s sister tried to contact her next.

If the rumour that Conor was involved in drugs was true, surely some evidence of this would have been found. There is also nothing to indicate that the couple were the victim of an assault or break in.

I think the most obvious explanation is that the couple went for a drive somewhere and unfortunately crashed into the River Blackwater. The river is extremely deep at points and it’s easy for a car to remain submerged for years. Simply look at the case of William Fennessy above whose car remained hidden in the river for 22 years. However if the couple’s car did crash into the river the question still remains as to whether the car entered the water accidentally or purposely.


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